Herding training and Special CC EU Show

We invite all participants of the Herding Training Event in Mitrov to participate also in the Special Show of CC EU.

The date is 9–10 June (for herding) and 11 June 2023 (for the show).

More info for Herding is here

The deadline is 1 June 2023.

All registered Catahoulas are allowed.


More info for the Special Show is here.

The 1st deadline is 10 May 2023.

The 2nd deadline is 22 May 2023.

The 3rd deadline is 28 May 2023.

All Catahoulas registered in FCI-National Registries and AKC are allowed.

Catahoula Club events in 2023

Events planned for 2023:

11 June 2023: The Special Club Show of CC EU in Mitrov

9–10 June 2023: Herding training – the preparation for Herding Instincts in autumn, Mitrov, organized by Mitrovský Angus

25–27 August 2023: 37th Meeting of breeders, owners, and friends of LC, Kemp u Seče

27 August 2023: The Club Show of CC EU


All events are planned for the dates and places mentioned above but changes are possible.



Nearest events