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The list of colors for breeders

Louisiana Catahoulas come in various colors and most of them and their combinations are allowed in breeding.

ČMKU Stud Book allows registering only colors listed in the Breed Standard (originating from NALC).

Here is what the Standard says:

Coat and Color

The coat length should be short to medium.

Leopards are preferred and may come in blue, gray, black, tan, liver, red, white, and patched. The trim may be black, white, tan, red, or buff. Solid colors acceptable are black, yellow, red, and chocolate.

For ČMKU Stud Book, breeders must describe colors that are visible on pups at the age of ca. 6–8 weeks which are rather different from those apparent on coats of adult animals. This could be partly also an effect of the merle gene presence. However, the final coat color is a result of other color gene combinations; more on this topic can be found in the e-book of Mary Langevin: Catahoula Coat Color Genetics – Painting the Portrait.

Description of coat colors for pedigree purposes is rather limited and does not give an idea of which color genes are actually present because some combinations look similar in a dog phenotype.

Here you can find some examples: http://www.catahoulaclub.eu/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2022/05/Popis-barev-ENG-m.pdf

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